Friday, January 21, 2005

Live Your Life

I think a lot of people nowadays have forgotten how to live. They're so concerned about being the best and the brightest and the biggest and the richest and the most famous and the tallest and the most powerful that they forget what life is really all about. Or they're so concerned about who did what and who hurt who and he did this ten years ago that they don't have time to live in the present day, they're too concerned about holding grudges about the past. Or they're so worried about how they're going to die that they don't take the time to actually live in the meantime.
Life is so much more than empty numbers, wasted dreams, and ended lives. It's about making a difference. It's about leaving the world a better place than you found it. Clean up your own messes, clean up other people's messes as well. Clean up the world, the environment, the hate, the misunderstandings - or at least make a step towards that very worthwhile and very important goal. Live and let live, bring a smile to the hearts and faces of those around you, brighten the world with the sound of laughter, comfort those who can only find tears. Leave your footsteps in the sands of time as a help and a hope for the future.
Don't waste the time you have. You'll never get it back. Live, laugh, love, and learn to let go. Don't hold grudges, but good memories. Make a difference, leave a positive influence wherever you go.
Polish the world with the sound of the song of your life.



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