Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Phantom of the Opera

I have never seen Phantom of the Opera, I have only heard the music. So if anyone can explain this to me, I'd appreciate it. How come she's so in love with Raul that she's going to run off with him because she wants to get away from the Phantom, but then she runs off with the Phantom , seemingly of her own free will, and Raul goes chasing after her? And then she decides she doesn't love the Phantom, but she'll stay with him because otherwise he's going to kill Raul? Is there hypnosis involved or something?
Anyone want to set me straight? I love Phantom of the Opera, or at least the soundtrack of it, but the songs can be a little confusing sometimes...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Diana!
Okay, here's the deal: Christine had loved Raoul since childhood, but they had lost touch or something. Then they reunited, but by that time she had already come in contact with the Phantom, who had discovered her singing abilities while she was still a chorus girl at the Paris Opera House and was teaching her. The Phantom was madly in love with Christine, and he did not want her to love Raoul. So basically, time went on and she loved Raoul but the Phantom was, yes, sort of hypnotizing her with his music, b/c he wrote this music that was unlike anything that had ever been written before and it put her in a trance so that he could lure her into his lair underneath the Opera House. In some wierd way, Christine was also in love with the Phantom, though, despite his controlling tendencies. Basically, she went to Raoul for comfort because he was her true love, but she also had this attatchment to the Phantom that was based less on actual romantic love and more on a love of the music he created and had given to her and what he had done to help her. Does that make any sense? IM me if not--my SN is RedheadFiddler13 . Nice seeing you over break!!!

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Blogger Elizabeth Raventail said...

Oh! That makes so much more sense. I figured it was something along those lines, but the music itself doesn't really tell too much. It just says what's happening, and usually doesn't say why. Thank you.
Nice to see you too, Diana. That was fun, going bowling and everything. Although thank goodness for electronic bumpers! (Michael would have beat me otherwise. Beaten by a four-year-old, I could never live it down. Ha ha!)
Take care of yourself.
And to anyone else - there you have it. Now you know... the rest of the story. =)

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