Friday, December 17, 2004

Rejecting Reality

Sometimes rejecting reality is the only way to really get things done in life. Okay, so I a really tight deadline with absolutely no time allowed in which to do a huge project that seems both physically and mentally impossible. This project must be done at the same time as fifty other assignments, and is due way before I can ever successfully complete it, even if it were the only project I had to do and each day had fourty working hours in it.
That's what I have felt like lately. And yet, somehow, I will survive.

I reject your reality and substitute my own.

Sometimes it's best to ignore the rules and constraints of life and just focus on the objectives. Sometimes that's the only way you can actually concentrate long enough to actually get anything done. Sometimes that's the only way to survive.
I should know. That's what my life has been like lately.
And yet somehow I am surviving, things are drawing to a close, and goodness gracious look at the time, I'm done early who would have thought that? Survival is more than an option, it's a requirement. Concentrate on your goals and ignore the rest - eventually, for better or for worse, it will work out.
That is my lesson of the day, and from now on I intend to at least try to live with it.



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