Thursday, June 30, 2005

No Regrets

Something I've learned about life. You have to live your life with the intention of leaving behind no regrets. You have to live it to the fullest extent possible. You have to live like it means something, because it really does mean something.
We can't just go through life wondering what it's all about, wondering what it's for and how we can get out of the rut we've fallen into. We have to live life like it has meaning and purpose, because everything we do will have meaning if you want it to have meaning. We have to have the determination to do and to try and to accomplish things.
We have to strive to always do the right thing, and we cannot dwell on mistakes when we do the wrong thing. We must pick ourselves up and try again, and try harder this time, and succeed. That's what life is all about. Doing the best we can, and succeeded at doing our best no matter what obstacles threaten us.
We can't live our lives walking backwards, wondering about what might have been. We have to do what we have the power to do, and changing the past isn't one of those things we have the power to do.
We must do what we can to save the world, but we cannot cheapen our accomplishments by dwelling on what we cannot do. We must learn and live another day.
We must try. We must do. And we must save the rest for a later day.



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