Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Road to Success...

...is a difficult road, if you think about it. Nothing worth attaining ever came easily, or the end result, the fruits of your labor, isn't really worth anything. In order to appreciate something you really have to put some blood, sweat, and tears into it.
That's something we don't seem to realize, in this age of microwaves and microprossessors. We live in the land of Instant Pudding and EasyMac, where everything should be either Instant or Easy and nothing should take time or effort. Face it, we have a short attention span, nurtured by the age of television and compounded by the age of technological wonders engineered to make our lives easier and faster and hassle-free.
And we're unhappy. Boy are we unhappy.
It's because nobody has to work to attain anything nowadays. It's like a play they had here once, "How to Succeed Without Really Trying." Hold on a minute. I have to put some effort into this in order to achieve my dream? Never mind, think I'll try something else, I was getting rather bored of that dream anyway. See ya, best of luck with all that "work" stuff you're doing.
We live in an age of Instant Success and EasyFame, where if you can't make it big in fifteen seconds you're an utter failure, might as well go try something else, don't want to strain yourself thinking or trying or anything.

I want some old-fashioned success, the kind you have to put your back into, the kind that only comes with determination and planning and lots of hard work. The kind that has its ups and its downs and its "what the heck was that?!?" moments. I want success that will give me stories to tell, the kind that will open up my eyes to what life is all about.
I don't mind breaking a sweat. I can get my hands dirty. I just want to do something worth doing and try something worth trying, and no matter what happens I want to do my best.
I want real success, sweet success, not this sour "hold on a minute, that's it?" kind of success that comes pre-packaged and shrink-wrapped, yours free (with $21.95 shipping and handling).

Give me some real, determined success, please.



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