Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Fun With Words

I've always loved reading, ever since I was little. I've actually been yelled at for reading too much, upon occasion, if you believe that. Science fiction, autobiographies, history, comedy, I love all of them.
And there's nothing quite like a good book. Find a really good one to curl up with, and you can spend a lot of enjoyable time. Living in a large family, where everyone was always too busy with something else, books were one of my best friends. They were always there when I needed them or, if they weren't, it was my fault. (I do have a tendency to lose them.) They can transport you to different times and places, and even into different people's minds.

I've got "a few" favorite books and authors, who I'd highly recommend:

Dale Brown - military fiction, mainly dealing with the Cold War timeperiod.
Stephen Hawking - I'm still working my way though "A Brief History of Time," it's fascinating
Michio Kaku - read his book on Hyperspace! It's fascinating, and it can help you understand Stephen Hawking
William Shirer - autobiographies of a reporter in Europe the early half of the 20th century
Herman Wouk - historical fiction, mainly World War II
Timothy Zahn - Star Wars
Elizabeth Peters - her "Amelia Peabody" series, archaeological/mystery historic fiction
Michael Stackpole - Star Wars
Edward J. Stackpole - a military analysis of battles of the Civil War, from a retired army officer
Nikita Kruschev - a highly biased view of Russia around the time of World War II, written by one of its influential leaders. Be sure to get the annotated version with notes
Hendrick Smith - a world reporter, his "The Russians" is quite fascinating
Chuck Yeager - if you get ahold of his autobiography, it's rather fascinating
Douglas Adams - science fiction comedy, and quite hilarious



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