Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Commanding a Silver Platter

How often in life to we insist we have the right to something that isn't even ours to claim? How often do we insist that so-and-so should give us this-or-that, because it's our right and we want it? How often have we just been selfish brats?
What has come over our society? Nowadays, people don't seem to realize that certain things cannot just be given, they need to be earned. But we're so concerned with our own petty little lives that we don't realize the need to actually work to achieve our goals. Not everything can be handed to us on a Silver Platter with a "here you go, enjoy." Hard work goes a long way.
The United States used to recognize the attitude and strength that goes into hard work to achieve your goals. Several presidents used the phrase "self-made man" or some equivalent as part of their campaign. Nowadays it's just mudslinging and "who's more honest."
Honesty is a big part about gaining trust, but it's not the only one. Why can't people realize this? Why can't people realize that sometimes you have to actually do some work to get where you're going.
Yes, I will admit that I want to be lazy a lot of the time, too. Being lazy is easier. It's easier not to have to do work. But then again, if you don't have to work to achieve your goals, are they really worth achieving? And will you appreciate them when you get there?
A little hard work is good for you. It builds character.
And with all the work I have to do right now, I must be quite a character...



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