Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Golden Truth

I was just thinking today, how many times have people asked to hear the truth only to deny it? It's one thing if you ask someone's opinion of something -- there is no right or wrong opinion, you can agree or disagree -- but to ask for "the truth" is different. How many times have people told the real truth, only to be denied the recognition for their leap of faith? How many times have people asked for a "true opinion" only to deny everything; not disagree, but deny that the opinion is true? How can we know what someone else is thinking? So then why do we have a right to deny that they're telling the truth about their own thoughts? We have no right.
No right.
Telling the truth isn't always easy. Sometimes it takes real guts and a whole lot of trust in the other person. There's not much incentive to tell the truth if it's denied right away -- why not just make up a lie that will be believed? It would make life so much easier.
And is it just me, or does it seem like the people who lie the most are the ones who get the furthest ahead in life? They're the ones with the big houses and bank accounts, because they're not afraid to twist the truth to fit their purposes. They're not afraid of lying because they want to get their own way no matter what.
Just look at society today! Companies cheating stockholders out of their life savings, people cheating on their spouse, con artists, the works. Sometimes I wonder if we even remember what the truth is, much less how to use it...
Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth telling the truth in this day and age. But it is, it most definitely is. If not now, it will be later. Truth is one of those things you just have to be patient with. Let it blossom with fruit in its own time.
Long live truth.



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