Sunday, October 03, 2004

Poetry - Shadow of the Victor

The evil has returned again,
Reaching both far and near,
Hung'ring for these People of mine,
Who hide their heads in fear.
The Wanderer grows weary,
Her days are almost gone.
But who will lift the fallen banner?
Who wil carry on?
The pride of my fallen people
Thursts for a hero new.
Someone to raise their fallen flag --
That hero, friend, is
You must sing the Victor's song
With final hope to bring.
None other than your shoulders have
The strength to make them sing.
So raise your head, throw shoulders back,
And sing of Victory,
For in your image, pride and courage,
Let their reflection be.
So take the fear that once was here,
And o'er evil's back break,
For now you know the future foe
Has fallen in your wake.



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