Friday, October 08, 2004

Thoughts - Respect and Morals

You have your own opinions, thoughts, beliefs, morals.
They're different than mine.
I don't agree with them.
But you live by them.
You follow them one-hundred percent of the time; you let them show into your personality; you let them dictate your decisions on your job; you let yourself and your morals become one single identity.
You live by them, and I respect you for that.
And because I respect you, I will tell you the truth.
I will follow you until I find the one thing that's better than a man who follows his morals:
Someone who follows
my morals; someone who agrees with what I think.
And not because
I say it, but because they say it, and know it to be true.
And the day when I find that someone, is the day you lose your hold on me.
I just wanted you to know that, and respect me for it.
But I will still respect you, though not your morals.



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