Saturday, November 20, 2004

Emotional Analysis - Desperation

Desperation is the feeling when everything seems to stack up against you, and you feel like no matter what you do you're going to end up behind. So what's the point in trying? What's the point in doing your best, and working your tail off, and going crazy after some unattainable goal? What exactly can you hope to accomplish?
Desperation is the set of thoughts that run through your mind when all seems lost. Desperation is the first step to the road of giving up, if you allow the desperation to win.
Desperation is trying to climb to the top of a mountain of sand in an hourglass, where you keep sliding down the hill and the hill keeps getting larger, all at the same time. Desperation is the feeling that time is running out, that you have to finish now, and knowing that you never can, not until the time is up and the sand has all fallen into the bottom of the hourglass.
Desperation is the feeling that nothing's worth it anymore. That it's not worth fighting because the fight is already lost. Desperation is like cancer -- if you don't catch it in time, if you let it take hold, it will grow until you have some serious problems.
Desperation is the feeling that you're at the end of the road, and there's no way to turn back or keep moving. Desperation is the end, with a lack of new beginnings.



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