Thursday, November 04, 2004

Emotional Analysis - Pain

Pain is the sharp feelings that will not go away, the hurt you feel when you fall down or run into something. But pain does not always have to be physical – it can be mental as well. Pain is the knowledge that you have hurt someone, or someone has hurt you. Pain is making a mistake and knowing that you are all alone, without anyone to pull you out. Pain is being blamed for something you did not due, or being compared to someone whom you know you can never be like. Unlike physical pain, there is no aspirin for the soul, no operation to set a broken trust, no x-ray to see how bad the damage is. The only reliefs are temporary, and cause more pain once the effects wear off.
But pain can strengthen as well – scar tissue is stronger after it is healed… if it is allowed to heal. Watching a loved one slip away – into sickness, death, or other harm – is hard on the soul, but if time with them is spent carefully, and the wound is allowed to heal properly, you can offer a shoulder to a friend in similar hardships, and the memories of your loved ones become more precious than diamonds.
Only by understanding pain and sadness do we become able to appreciate true joy. In the midst of our suffering, we can become a beacon of light, joy, hope, and happiness for all to see. All pain and suffering are to some purpose, however hard it may seem to discover that purpose. We need only look for the sun after the storm – the rainbow of promise – the crops that grow strong on the tears of the clouds.



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