Saturday, December 11, 2004

Understanding Reason

Some things in life are done for a reason. It might seem better or faster or smarter or more efficient to do it a different way, but no changes should be made to the way we currently do things unless we think through everything in its entirety and hunt down the reason people started doing things the way they are done now in the first place.
Change can be a good thing, and as time goes on and we learn more about ourselves and the world around us we can better adapt to changes in society and changes in the world. We can make life better or safer or longer or happier.
But it doesn't pay to forget the way things used to be. Not all changes are good, and even if a change is determined to be good that doesn't mean that no one is allowed to change their mind. That's not the way life works, and life really shouldn't work that way. Admitting to a change in perspective is not a bad thing, it does not show weakness. It shows strength. It shows a willingness to accept change, and a willingness to look at change and the stark facts together and determine the best path to take.
Changes are important to the way we live. And they are important to the way we react to things. We cannot claim that all change is good - that would lead to paradox. One change made might not work well, so people would want to change back to the old way. Is that changing? Or returning? Or perhaps it is both?
Whatever way we look at life, changes are coming. You cannot run from change. And yet it is good to look at the reasons for change, and the motives for the change, and from there determine - is this change the right thing to do right now?
It's good to understand the reasons first, before determining how to change things.



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