Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Best Foot Forward

We're always counseled to put our best foot forward, no matter what. "Let them see your good side. Don't let them see your flaws." But you know what? What's wrong with putting both feet forward? Why should we only show one side of our personality? Why prevent people from seeing who we really are?
And yet Society has us conditioned so much, it doesn't matter anymore how much we may want to share our feelings, show our flaws, we just... can't. We can't find the courage, the energy, and the strength to show who we really are, we just live behind masks for the rest of our lives.
That's no way to live. But how can we live any differently? After having spent our entire lives being told to show people only our good side, how can we drop our guard and put off the anxiety enough to actually show who we really are?
And so we live empty lives, doing what we're supposed to be doing, and neglecting who we are, too afraid that we're too different and that nobody will like us anymore.
I need to learn to live a little more. I need to learn to reach outside of who I think I'm supposed to be, and actually learn to live my life being me. It's a resolution, and it requires resolve, because let me tell you, it's nowhere near easy.
But I have to try, I am tired of living in this empty shell, I want to fill it with me and my personality, instead of just a protocal programmed by society. I want to be me!



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