Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Poetry - Wings of Despair

The wings of Despair will arise in the night,
To capture the weary and make them take flight.
Despair will hold captive all projects held dear,
If you let him alight on your soul while he's near.

My soul is my own but that will not stop him,
As he searches the world round, both sternly and grim,
He will capture the souls that he feels will fall prey,
To his hunger for hopelessness, feeding each day.

He will take you and break you and make you lose hope,
He will grind you to pieces 'til you cannot cope,
He will pity you not as he snaps up conviction,
Don't ask for his help, he gives no benediction.

Don't let evil win, do not give up the fight,
Argue with him over justice and right,
Stand firm to your faith, do not let him descend,
Despair is a leech, do not let him befriend.



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