Saturday, February 05, 2005

'Kill Them With Kindness'

When I was little my mother used to tell me that whenever people were mean to me for no reason, I should "Kill them with kindness." I never really thought you could actually kill someone with kindness, but I guess it's not the physical killing she was talking about, or even a "mental killing."
It was an "attitude killing."
If someone can be mean to you, and you're still nice to them, maybe inside they'll start to think, "Gee, why am I such a mean person?" and then maybe that will be the wake-up they needed to actually be nice. And I would try, and the method wouldn't always work but it would work more often than you'd think it would. And it was always nice to think, "I woke them up. I helped them realize how nice it is to be nice."
So go be nice to someone who hates you today. I declare that today is "Be Nice to Hateful People" day. Maybe all they need is a wake-up call. Or a friend.



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