Friday, February 18, 2005

Reality and Insubstantiality

How many things in this life are actually reality? Someone once said that reality is that which will not go away and, while this can be somewhat true, is it truly true? Or can we make up things that won't go away, and have reality that will go away, at least for a little bit, if we distract ourselves enough?
What exactly is reality? Does anyone really know the answer to this? Or are we just stumbling through life with a set of beliefs that we expect to be true, but don't know for certain?

Is the world just a figment of our imagination? Is what we perceive as reality merely a construct, devised by our own imaginations?
What is the Truth?



Blogger *adelaine said...

there is no truth.. there is no lies and no un-truth, it's just words we give to a qualitative condition..

what is darkness? the absence of light.. what is light? when it is not pitch dark...

who's to say what real and what relative..? what is relativity anyways?

4:18 AM  

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