Sunday, July 17, 2005

Quote - Psychic Squirrels

(22:02:05) SolarCat: You're not an evil psychic squirrel, are you...?
(22:03:18) PrimeReissue: Evil Psychic? Technically, yes. Squirrel? No. My "Tail" is neither that long, nor that furry in proportion to the rest of me.
(22:03:51) SolarCat: Oh good.
(22:04:12) SolarCat: "Evil" and "psychic" are okay, but add that "squirrel" part in... That's real trouble. =)
(22:04:51) PrimeReissue: Yep. Spend all day being nuts, then trying to read your own mind to figure out where you burried yourself.
(22:05:03) SolarCat: Yeah, exactly. That would be terrible.



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