Tuesday, July 12, 2005

In Your Dreams

I used to agree that sleep was better than actually living life. You can do whatever you want in your dreams, nothing's impossible and if you don't like a particular outcome you can try again. That's what my dreams are like - crazy. In a fun sort of way, of course. =)

But you know what? Life's so much more interesting when you're actually living it. You don't have to be sane, just live your life, have a good time, check some goals off your list and try to find ways of accomplishing more. Live to the fullest, that's what I say.

In case I forget my "career goals," I'll post them here. (Yes, these are real.)
1. Graduate from college with at least a Master's Degree. Mechanical Engineering of course, Electromechanical where possible.
2. Get a good job doing something in either the aeronautics industry or else alternative energy, like the hybrid cars. Both would, of course, be preferred. And I'm not a fan of high cubicle walls with only a tiny little doorway connecting the inside of the cubicle to the outside world.
3. Buy a car, an old one. It has to be nice-looking, maybe some form of sports car, but nothing too expensive. The engine doesn't necessarily need to work. Paint it white with a blue racing stripe and convert it to electric. Lithium batteries, 9" motor, high-end motor controller. Spare no expense, but look for bargains. My dream, my car, my money, my fun!
4. Learn how to fly. Airplanes first, maybe helicopters later. I want my own pilot's license.
5. Own a snake. A corn snake, to be precise. I'm told those are really easy snakes to take care of, and really friendly. Good for beginners.
6. Own a parrot. An African Gray, because those are neat. They have the intelligence of a seven-year-old, so you can have conversations with them, too. Maybe I can teach him or her to read. They live long, too, if they're given the proper love and care. They're the kind of pet you have to put in your will.
7. Learn how to skydive. Just because. It sounds like fun.
8. Learn how to hang glide. Same reason.
9. Buy one of those kit planes from California, the ones with the Canards on the front aligned so it's impossible to stall. That would make a fun little plane. Plus I could build it myself.
10. Finish and publish my book. Write more and publish those, too.
11. Learn languages, especially Spanish, Russian, and German, but anything else is welcome, too. Polish might be fun.
12. Travel around the world. I want to meet interesting people, see interesting things, and just learn what it's like to live somewhere else. I like to know things.
13. See an airshow. I love airplanes, I've always wanted to go to an airshow, but I've never been to one. One of these days, though, I will.
14. Learn computer programming. I think it will be useful.
15. Become better acquainted with Linux. So many distributions, so many command line options, so little time...
16. Build my own computer. Just once.
17. Buy a Macintosh. I don't have a great affinity for Macintosh, but they work, and I've never used one, so I think it'll be fun.
18. Write a song. A good one this time. I've written a few, but they're not so great. I like them, of course, but they're not the "wow, this is good" sort.
19. Buy a house. Grow Tiger Lillies and Sugar Peas in the backyard.
20. Stay crazy. I never want to grow sane. Life's too boring when you're sane.
21. Go on a mission trips somewhere. Africa? South America? Both? I'm leaving my options open.
22. Make a difference in the world. Leave a positive mark.
23. Adopt a homeless child, from here or another country.

Those are just the lists of things I want to do, as I thought of them. It's a bigger list, so I only put up more of the interesting ones.
I have fun. I'm crazy. What more can I say?

I live in my own little Dream World. But it's okay, they know me here.



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