Monday, July 11, 2005

Our Friends in Afghanistan

The quote is from a friend of mine currently serving in Afghanistan. As you can tell he's not exactly fond of the weather. I thought it was creative, so I just had to quote it.

I'm not sure exactly how I feel on the "War on Terror" at the moment. On the one hand, how do you fight terrorists? It's not like going to war against a country's military, it's like going to war against shadows, you don't really know who you're after until you can actually see them. On the other hand, we're making a difference in the world. But is that the sort of difference we want? And do we really want to be "the world's policeman"? But we don't want to leave poor, threatened countries to destruction, either. People die both ways, suffer both ways. So what to do?
It's a tough decision to make. That's why I'm never running for President.
Of the United States, anyway...



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