Sunday, July 10, 2005

TV Violence

I found this quote amusing, but it really does point out one of the big issues I have with society. Why must everything on television be so violent? What is so fascinating about blood and guts and gore? Back when The A-Team came out it was accused of being too violent; now it's extremely mild. There are explosions but the only blood you see is from people who are only injured. You never see people die, even though sometimes it's implied that they do.
Nowadays nothing is left to the imagination. That's why I gave up on most movies. There's very few I go to.
I'd prefer to choose my own adventure, rather than live someone else's. I want to go skydiving and own a parrot and a snake and learn how to pilot an airplane and live life the way I feel it should be lived.

I'm not living someone else's adventure, I'm going to live my own...



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