Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Freedom, Finally

I have always enjoyed Douglas Adams. His sense of humor appeals to me, perhaps because it reminds me of myself. Not in the sense that I can state outlandish things in a very calm and matter-of-fact manner to make others smile and laugh hysterically, but in the sense that I see myself in his jokes, and they help me smile about even the most stressful situations.

I have seen many deadlines "whooshing" by, felt the stress as they approached, the panic as they passed, the relief that I finally finished the job, the nervousness of whether the work would remain acceptable, the strange sense of release when all turns out well and understanding is exchanged by all involved. Then there are the deadlines that sneak up behind you, never announce their presence, and sometimes manage to sneak past only to leave you in a panic a week later because of a seemingly simple (if you are lucky) or scarily complex and barely started (if you are not lucky) task has slipped through the cracks.

Yes, I have seen my share of deadlines. I have felt them all.

Fortunately, today is one deadline that did not sneak up behind me. I have completed my take home Final, I have turned it in, I turned down the offer of an extension because I wanted it out of my hands and off my to do list, and now my life is more relaxed than it has been in months.

Or, at least, it was until I looked around my room and saw all the projects I had neglected in the process of preparing for this Final. I am going to be rather busy this next week.

At least I won't be bored?



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