Friday, August 27, 2004

Life is Mad

Sometimes I wonder if I'm going crazy. I find joy in life out of the smallest, simplest thing. Like dew on a spider's web, or spinning desk chairs. (I'm usually the one that makes them spin. Especially if I'm the one sitting in them.) How could anyone in their right mind find joy in simply, inconsequential things like that? And yet how could anyone not find joy in the little things of life?
But I am a little on the crazy side. Not enough to be dangerous or anything, unless you've taken it as your personal goal to keep me sane and tied to the ground instead of running around in castles in the air. Then I am hazardous to your health. And so you should stay away.
But other than that, I am a friendly, semi-crazy person. Anyone sane wouldn't live life the way I do, but then again you'd be insane not to. I love life, and I love to live, and I just love being me.
And that's about all I can say.



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