Monday, August 30, 2004

Poetry - War and Peace

It's not about war, it's about peace.
Peace isn't just beating the other guy into submission, it's to make him happy, and you happy, and everyone else happy.
You can't just draft a treaty where there are arguments in every sentance, wars in every paragraph.
You can't just build a dam and reduce hostilities to a trickle, because even then that little trickle will grow until the dam is ineffective and the flood of hate bursts free, destroying all in its path.
You have to make it so that no one needs the dam.
Peace is not just an absence of war, it's an absence of hate.
Peace is happiness is love.
You can't have peace without happiness, nor happiness without love and compassion.
An absence of armies does not signify an absence of war.
Thus lies the challenge.
Difficult, I know; dangerous, I realize; but this I promise you:
The rewards are great.
It'll be well worth the effort.
It'll be worth dying for.



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