Sunday, September 12, 2004

Heavy Lifting

Ever feel like your list of things to do just kept growing and growing until it threatened to eat you alive? That's me this week. I slowly take one step at a time, slowly moving forward, and yet the world is moving forward faster than I am, and I just end up further and further behind. I'm not giving up, I will still put one foot in front of the other, but sometimes I wonder if I'll ever finish at all, or if I'll just collapse halfway through the semester and be forced to find something else to major in. Or something, I don't know.
Why? Why do I have all this stuff I have to do? Why do I have this gigantic To Do List that keeps growing and mutating beyond my ability to contain it? And why can't I just sit down and forget the whole thing?
Thank goodness for my friends. If it wasn't for them... well, I probably wouldn't be here right now...



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