Wednesday, September 22, 2004

This Thing Called "Life"

Sometimes it seems to me that I'm going so fast through life I don't have time to slow down and actually live it. I'm too busy trying to get stuff done that I don't actually have time to do things. I don't have time to live.
And yet I bring this on myself. I like to keep busy. It gives me something to do, it gives me a sense of purpose, it distracts me from all the things I don't really want to think about.
And yet then I don't get time to stop, slow down, and enjoy the beauty that is life. I don't take the time to relax, because I feel I can't afford it. I'm so busy looking towards the future that I forget about today. Not that the future isn't something good to plan for, but that the present is life, and it's too good to waste.
And yet I waste it. And yet...
Even with all my running around, I have managed to make some good friends and have some good times, and generally stay out of too much trouble. And yet sometimes I wonder if I'm still missing out, if I'm too busy trying to make an impact and plan for the future that I'm forgetting about the here and now, which are also important. How can I prepare for the future, but still have time to have fun?
I guess I just have to learn how to get the most out of life. I have to learn that sometimes "doing" things isn't as good as "not doing," as "just looking," as "relaxing." I have lots of things to learn



Blogger Rory Kearn said...

Life is so busy. There are times I just want to stop and take a week and do nothing but lay on a beach somewhere, but then I wonder if I would procrasinate getting out of the hotel and getting to the beach and never during my vacation actually make it there to relax.

It's good that you're asking yourself all these questions and working out answers for yourself. I'm well into my 30's and just getting around to figuring out how to get the most out of my life.

7:24 PM  

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