Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Poetry - Friends

Out in the world I'm on my own
To reap this fate that I have sown
No time to cry, no time to moan
This life is all I've ever known

The world laughs back, no pity here
No rest for me, the world does leer
No time to smile and find good cheer
I have much work to do, I fear

And yet I'll try to do my best
What else can I, who finds no rest
Attempt to do? Yet not with zest
As I am most extremely stressed

No friend have I, who journeys long
To heal my heart and make it strong
To fill my soul with endless song
And yet again, I find I'm wrong

Many have helped me find my way
And though I cannot see today
Their friendly hands yet steady they
Stand by to help me, come what may

And so I thank thee, friendly hand
Whose warmth has helped me through this land
Of lies and hurt, who helps me and
Who's proud to know me as I stand

For who have I, if not my friends
Who stay true through life's twists and bends
And if we fight, we make ammends
The friendly angel heaven sends

For all life throws upon my path
I know I'll last, for my friends hath
More strength than I, just do the math
Now I can face Hate's ugly wrath

For know I this, just this one thing
My friends will come, with hope to bring
And once again, then I can sing
And like a bird, take to the wing

And soar beyond the petty squalls
And fly above our petty walls
And see the ups after the falls
And one day walk the hallowed halls

Then I can say "I loved my friends
And when we fought, we made ammends
I tried to be the light God sends
And stay true through life's twists and bends

“I tried to live the best I could
And I've messed up, I knew I would
I've fallen down and yet I've stood
Because my friends are true and good

“Because my friends believed in me
And pushed me to realize and see
The best that I could ever be
Here stand I now, happy and free”

These words I'll say when my time's near
I'll stand up straight and have no fear
It's something that the world should hear
My friends are strong, each has no peer
They lend a shoulder and an ear
They soothe the hurt and wipe the tear
And with them I have but one fear
I hope their actions I can mirror
Should they need the same from me.



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