Friday, November 05, 2004


Trust is an interesting creature. Everyone seems to want to be trusted more, but how many people actually live their lives trying to deserve trust? There are just way too many ways to lose trust, and nowadays can you really trust anybody? I mean honestly, genuinely trust?
Very few people. And even then, sometimes you'd be surprised.
Is there a middle ground for trusting? Is there a time where you can say, "Well, I trust him halfway, but not entirely"? I don't really think there is. If you can't trust someone with the little things, then they're not trustworthy with the big things. And if someone will cheat on the big things, then can you really trust them to do the right thing with regards to the little things?
One one hand, I don't think you can. I don't think there's a chance where someone who is untrustworthy sometimes can be trusted other times. But then on the other hand...
Perhaps those who break what we call "trust" because they are keeping trust with a higher something are still trustworthy. For example, if you tell a friend a secret and ask them to keep it, but they go and tell the school councilor because they really don't want you to get hurt, that is true trust. You may hate them for awhile, but they really cared about you, they thought their course was best, and you can't really stay mad at a friend like that for too long. Especially if it turns out they were right.
The second suggestion for exception would be international spies and similar people. They're untrustworthy if what they do is because it's in their own best interest, for example, if they're being paid money or power or something else and that's all their interested in. If, on the other hand, they're doing it because they firmly believe that the country they're working for is in the right, and they're willing to take the risks because they believe their present course of action is true and just and good, then I see no reason not to trust them. Because they are acting for the good and the right of society, at least in their own mind.
So what, then, is trust? It is a difficult subject, trust, and a challenging one. It all depends on your point of view. There really isn't a right answer, and there aren't very many wrong ones. Some things are just difficult to put your finger on, the intangible values that we try to apply to every human being, but cannot truly define for all situations. But trust is important in our lives, it's important to us as a human being. We cannot survive long if we don't trust anyone.
Don't believe me? Well, you're just going to have to trust me on this one.



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