Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"Play Nice, Now..."

Ever notice that there are some people in life nobody can stand? Or understand, for that matter? It's like they think the entire world's for them, and the rest of us have to bow to their wishes.
Ever notice how little attention we pay to other people nowadays, unless they annoy us? Maybe that's why people act annoying - at least someone will acknowledge their existence.
Ever notice what constitutes 'fun conversation' nowadays? People throw insults back and forth, for fun. And sometimes it really is fun, both sides enjoy themselves, and everything is fine. But sometimes it isn't. Sometimes there's someone who just wants to fit in so they'll put up with it, and pretend they enjoy it, and they'll cry on the inside because nobody seems to want to take them seriously.
Ever notice how little people seem to care, nowadays?
I am thinking I should do my best to make sure that I care. That I don't laugh, just because everyone else is. I need to make sure that I try to listen, to understand. I'm only one person, but you never know. One person might make all the difference.
You never know until you try...



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