Friday, February 11, 2005

So Surprise Me!

Life is weird sometimes. You never know what's coming next, you never know what's lurking around the corner. Usually you don't even know if there is a corner for something to be lurking behind. And sometimes the lurker is good, and sometimes bad, and sometimes you can't really figure it out. And sometimes the things you think are bad are really good, and sometimes the things you think are really good are terrible. But if we really knew what was about to happen, would there be any point to life? If we knew all the good stuff there'd be no pleasant surprises, and if we knew all the bad stuff then we'd feel there was no point to life.
So I guess surprises are a good thing. Surprises keep life interesting, and colorful. Even if the surprise happens to be black or blood-red. (I do like the bright, cheerful, neon-happy ones better, though.)



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