Wednesday, June 08, 2005

In My Opinion...

...people don't think things through as often as they should. They think they are entitled to their own opinion (which is right), and hence they don't have to have any proof that their opinion is right, they can just try to force it on other people (which is wrong). I can't really understand the concept. There has to be a point to your opinion, you can't just have one to have one.
I have been wrong in my own opinions, and I will admit it. I don't like admitting specifics, but I do admit them upon occasion, because what's the point of clinging stubbornly to an opinion if you know it's wrong? Then it's not really your opinion at all, it's just something you use to save face. I tend to adjust my opinions over time, because that's really the best approach to take, in my opinion. Revise as you get more facts, and act in the manner you feel is best for whatever situation you find yourself in. Clinging to a false opinion is like clinging to a sinking raft with the shore in easy swimming distance - sooner or later you're going down...



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