Saturday, May 07, 2005

Living Life

I find it funny how many people do things in life for the simple reason that it's the law. Funny in a sad sort of way, of course. How can you be happy living life in a certain way simply because that's how the rules say you are supposed to live? Why not live life because that's the way it was meant to be live, the way it is the most enjoyable, the way you can get the most out of life? Because those laws are there for a reason.
My guess is that if all the laws in the United States were abolished, people would go on stealing/murdering/cheating sprees. At least half of the country, I'm guessing, because they couldn't be prosecuted for it. But in the meantime they'd be making other people's lives miserable, and they would make their own life miserable as well. How can you possibly be happy living from one moment to the next simply wanting more? How can you live just wanting to cheat as many people as possible out of as much as possible? That, to me, makes no sense. That, to me, sounds like a lonely, empty existence.
Live life according to your conscience. We know what is right and wrong, yet we do what is wrong anyway, knowing that we shouldn't. Everyone would be a lot happier if everyone followed those rules that reside inside our head, the ones that some people seem to hate listening to. Why can't we just love each other, reach out, help each other to survive?

That's what I'm wondering.



Blogger fire said...

Hey, thanks for posting on my blog, I think i needed that, the other guys are making my head blow, and i don't know why I'm letting them get to me, if i get a new blog, i'll tell you the web addy, :D

catch you later!!

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