Thursday, September 16, 2004

Transfer of Power -- Part Two

"Yes, Admiral, sir?" Lucas asked expectantly.

"Lucas, I want you to witness this." Removing his ceremonial sword from around his waist, he laid it on the table. Grasping the blade by the hilt he reverently pulled the weapon from its resting place and held it in the light. Lucas whistled softly, admiring the play of colors on the sharp blade, dancing against the black contrast of the blade itself. The design of a hawk against a large flame was carefully and lightly carved into the blade, with a red-gold filigree lovingly inlaid to bring out the fine details of the carving.

"Commander, this sword is PhoenixSword, the sword of the BlackHawk. It has remained in our organization for generations, and legend says that a part of each former Admiral of the BlackHawk remains living in this sword, long after they are gone. I believe these stories - I have heard them talk to me, I have felt their minds inside my own." ShadowHawk stared in awe at the blade. She had frequently witnessed Jake's deadly accuracy with the gleaming sword but had never observed PhoenixSword this close before. It was not only functional, but awe-inspiring. Lucas also stared at the blade, entranced.

"This blade was constructed from a metal known only as Black Velvet," the Admiral continued, "and the secret of this metal is guarded by he who forged it. He, too, lives on in this blade, but he prefers to keep his own council and the secret of its making is his own. This is the strongest metal known to the galaxy - it will never break, never bend, and will always retain its razor-sharp blade. The sword draws its own life from the heat of anything and anyone who comes in contact with it, further strengthening the blade. It is a good sword; I have enjoyed its company for a long time and I am loath to part with it."

Admiral Jake looked lovingly at the sword, then abruptly drew the blade across his outstretched palm and handed it to ShadowHawk, hilt first. Reluctantly ShadowHawk grasped the hilt, and immediately felt the power and wisdom of the Era of the BlackHawk coursing through her veins. Lucas observed silently as ShadowHawk, startled, looked up at Jake.

"I have added my lifeblood to that of our Admirals past. Should I not return, you are to take my place. May you rule our people wisely, and bring favor upon us all." A nod from the old Admiral sent Lucas back to his seat. He had witnessed the transfer of power to the new Admiral, and now he had a weapons station to monitor should Raventhorn make any sudden moves.

ShadowHawk stared at the sword, entranced. Jake's blood glowed red along the edge of the blade, then gradually faded into the sword until it disappeared into the hungry metal. The sword flashed a sudden bright gold, then turned dark again, the energy from Jake's blood completely absorbed.

"Jake..." ShadowHawk tried to argue with his departure to face the probably-fatal approach of the enemy, but stopped suddenly as Jake stared into her eyes.

Please don't try to stop me, she heard in her mind. I have made up my mind. I have served here for far too long, and now it is time that I move on... Don't look so sad, I am still here. I will live on in the PhoenixSword forever, to help guide the BlackHawk through their trials of time, just as you will when your time comes.

Commander ShadowHawk looked down at the magnificent blade, a small tear making its solitary way down her cheek. "You don't intend to come back, do you?"

My time is over. It is your time now. Please don't worry. No tears, no regrets, just the future. The BlackHawk has a magnificent future to look forward to. But the Transfer of Power is not yet complete. I have added my lifeblood to the sword, you must now add the sword's lifeblood to your own.

ShadowHawk referently ran her finger over the cold, hungry blade, leaving a trail of her blood on the edge and cutting deeply into her finger. She watched curiously as the finger healed almost immediately once it was removed from the sword, then looked up at Jake. She felt centuries older, and wiser.

Serve them well, Jake told her. I must go now - I'm taking the SkyRyder. I have some business to attend to...



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