Friday, October 22, 2004

Mr. Vladomir Endl

Mr. Vladomir Endl was an immigrant to the United States. His last name was really Endligburgergeisterhemski, but the immigration officer in charge of filling out his paperwork had a heart attack that day and in the rush to get him to the hospital poor Vladomir's name was forgotten. Hence it consisted of all the letters the officer had managed to write before the incident, and not a letter beyond.
Mr. Endl is upset because the name Endligburgergeisterhemski was in the family for generations, only to be lost due to a medical emergency. His family, however, is extremely grateful, most notably his daughter Kiara, because the name "Endl" was easier for the six-year-old to spell in bright red crayon scrawls using only a single sheet of paper.

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