Sunday, November 14, 2004

Poetry - Black Crow

Black Crow on the pavement
Picking at crumbs,
Finding lunch in the litter
Carelessly tossed to the ground,
Black eyes shining as you
Emerge from the shadows,
Dull again
As you move from the light,
Black feathers glistening
In afternoon sunlight,
Black feathers rippling
With the breath of the wind.
Sunlight and shadows,
Black shines in the evening,
Who ever thought of
The brightness or beauty
Of black in the daylight,
Black upon black?

Tilting your head as you
Watch this lone student
Of nature and sunlight
Gazing upon you,
Enjoying stark beauty,
Dark gloss of the night
In the brightness of day.
Meal completed, stretching black feathers
With a thrust of black wings,
Dark shape disappearing
Into the bright sky.



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