Monday, September 06, 2004

Deafening Silence

Sometimes it seems like the people who need a friend the most are met with a deaf ear and no reply. In our ignorance, do we think this is the best answer? Do we think that ignoring those who need help is the best way to move society forward? Or is this only because we want to continue with our own petty existence and forget about everyone else's unless it's convenient to remember?
This is the reason why we have school shootings, this is the voice of the Outcasts, those kids in the corner who are too afraid to speak because they don't want anyone to make fun of them. These are the kids who are strong enough to be different but too weak to survive that way for long, and they take their discomfort out on society in the hope of gaining at least some form of respect and attention. Nevermind that the attention they find usually involves some form of court, or a rehabilitation program. And the respect they get is usually from other gun-slingers on the streets. At least it's someone. And now at least everyone else won't laugh at them for fear of getting their head blown off.
Is this the way we want our country to be? Someone has to wake up. Maybe we should just try being nice? You'd be amazed how much that works in society...
Back in elementary school, and even parts of High School, I was that sky little kid in the corner who too often got picked on. I wasn't one of those gun-slinging types or anything, but I will tell you I've had my moments where I just wanted it all to end.
Just stop. Just end. No worries. Nothing.
Thankfully I've always snapped out of it. Otherwise, in all honesty, I wouldn't be here typing. Take a look at the world, people! Find someone to be nice to! Not pity, but actual kindness. Kindness because you mean it. Kindness because you really do care.
Kindness before it's too late. For them, for us, for the future of our Nation. Wake up, before more people decide they don't really want to wake up to their existence anymore.
Wake. Up. Now.



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