Saturday, September 04, 2004

Tilting Windmills

Today it seems like we're always searching after the "unreachable star," except that today that "unreachable star" isn't really something worth searching for or running after. In Don Quixote's time the "unreachable star" was a goal that would make humanity all the better for him having been there, but nowadays there's no such luck. The "unreachable star" is acceptance, by all of Society, and that just won't happen in today's society.
Not unless you abandon everything you live for, and embrace everything Society says is right and good. And if there's one thing I've learned, what Society says is right and good is usually anything but right and good.
We need to wake up, and learn to listen to that inner voice inside that tells us who we are. Only by being true to that inner person can we truly be happy to be ourselves. We have to look at who we are, then lift our gaze above the horizon and try to guess where we're going. We have to learn to look beyond what the world says we need, and learn to see what we really and truly need.
But I suppose that takes practice, to see your own interpretation of life instead of the one Society says you're supposed to see. After all the indoctrination we've been through, individuality and a true love of life will take time.
I assure you, it's worth the effort. Freedom from conformity is always worth the effort, and freedom to be yourself, your own individual, is priceless.



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