Sunday, October 24, 2004

Homeless Wanderer

I guess it's true, we don't really "own" anything in this life except our soul. And while we may be happy about what we have achieved, we must always push ourselves to succeed further, to work harder, to be the absolute best we can possibly be. There is no time to sit back and completely relax, because there's always life out there to be lived.
If we spend our time pursuing pleasure, where will that take us? Sure, pleasure is great at first, but doesn't it get old after awhile? I remember always wanting different things, yet when I finally got them I would think, "Hey, this is great!" for about a month, and then wander off looking for something different. In this life, we always seem to be searching for "one more thing," and once we find it then we're off to the next "one more thing".
We have to learn to stop pursuing pleasure, and just find pleasure in the little things in life. Enjoy the things found in everyday life, the things that we all too often overlook, instead of looking for the "bigger and better" things that Society tells us we should have. Those little things in life that we usually take for granted are worth more than gold and diamonds -- you cannot buy them, and too many people only realize their importance once they're gone. Enjoy your family and friends, the sound of rain on the windows, the lonely whistle of distant trains at night, the sparkling diamonds called stars that shine their pinpricks of light into the world when the sun has gone to sleep. Enjoy the dewdrops on the grass, or the cool feel of green between your toes, or the biting cold of snow (even if someone throws it down your back). It's the little things in life that are the most precious. Don't forget to appreciate them.
Live your life, and live it well. Remember we are wanderers in this thing called "life." We are homeless wanderers here, with the only goal of helping other people with their lives.
Life is a precious commodity, that does not rightfully belong to us. Enjoy it while you have it, for it will not last forever.



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