Friday, October 22, 2004

Simply Silly

Did you ever take something completely random, or something that didn't make sense, or something that seemed kinda funny, and just write a story about it? Nothing too involved, just a little paragraph to attempt to explain whatever you found that seemed interesting?
If you haven't, you should try it sometime. It's a good stress reliever, and every once in awhile you get something really interesting. Like Mr. Endl and his family there.
Sometimes using a little silliness to explain away things like why the last name "Endl" came about can be good for the soul. It's a good way to try and relax, and lighten up. Which I seriously need right now, truth be told.
And so I'll be silly. Silly to me doesn't mean "irresponsible" or "immature," it means "relaxed" or "enjoying love" or "comfortable with yourself" or "trying to ease tension." Silliness is a way to lighten up, a way to try and find a way to live. If everyone was serious all the time this world would be a boring and stressful place. Not that it isn't sometimes, just that it isn't all the time, because sometimes people take the time to lighten up and live.
Why do we love comediens and comedy so much? Because we're way too busy taking everything so seriously all the time. If you can't laugh a little, what's the point of living?
And so I choose to be silly whenever I can. There are some times you should be serious, but the other times a little laughter is a good thing. I try to live by that, because it keeps me happier than when I stress myself out about things. Stress is bad for your health. I don't like stress. I like silliness.
So there. Be silly. Smile!



Blogger mlejane said...

thank you for being silly. the world is a much happier place when silliness can be found! bravo! (and i will try that awesome stroy/explanation exercise sometime). -an adoring reader- mlejane

10:55 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth Raventail said...

Thank you!
I like being silly, it's fun. Especially when you do something that makes lots of people nearby stare at you like you're crazy. I feel sorry for those people, but boy are their expressions funny. Some time I should bring a camera with me, and take a picture of the expressions I see. =)
The little "silly explanation" thing I actually came up with chatting with people online who would ask hypothetical questions, so I'd give them silly answers. It just kinda grew from there. It's a good stress reliever, I hope you enjoy it. It's a good fun (and funny!) brain excersize. Or you can have two people chat, and you end up coming up with more and more outrageous stories as each changes some of the facts in the other's story.

Another example:
A little known fact about Mozilla Firefox is that they were really going to name it "Fir eFox", kinda like "e-mail" and "eCards", but they decided it could be confused with the rumored Microsoft "Furry Fox" browser. To adjust this problem, Mozilla ran the two words together and came up with Firefox. This solved the problem and resulted in a raise for the third-floor janitor. (His son Tom's Christmas tree doodle was mistaken for a flaming fox circling the globe searching for water, and Mozilla wanted to copyright it as their logo. The Janitor, understandably, was in no rush to correct the profitable misunderstanding.)

1:30 AM  

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