Friday, November 26, 2004

Relative Politeness

Sometimes (quite frequently, in fact) I wonder what the world is coming to.
For example? My cousin insisted on wearing a particular shirt to Thanksgiving Dinner. Not that she was there for the dinner part, she was off running with her immature 20-year-old boyfriend (she's 14). But at any rate, this shirt had a V-neck -- a really low V-neck, it went down about six inches or something. It had a string to tie it up with, except that it was only made to look like you could tie it up, because there were balls on the ends of the string to prevent you from actually stringing more than the bottom three pairs of holes.
So of course my aunt told her to change her shirt. And my cousin, true to form, complained about it. "Why are you always picking on me?"
Ummm... excuse me? Perhaps because when you bend over people can see your belly-button through your neckline? Perhaps because it looks like you want to pick up a random guy with no morals off the street to take home that night? (Not that her boyfriend is much better, of course.) I could be wrong, it's just a guess, but maybe think a little?
So my cousin stormed off to change her shirt, and my grandmother yelled at my aunt for "bossing her around." No wonder my cousin is so spoiled, she lives with her grandmother who takes all things like low necklines and boyfriends who have sons already as "a sign of the changing times." Sigh.
I worry about them.
Thanksgiving at my grandparents' house can be rather interesting in the fact that whenever you visit you don't know what's going to happen. It all depends on my grandmother's mood. They can be really mean over there, making cutting remarks with no provocation. Or they can be nice and friendly. Or they can fight like cats and dogs should an incident like my cousin's neckline strike them differently.
At my grandparent's house it's usually fun, at first. You just have to be prepared to beat a hasty retreat and find something else to do should another war start. That, to me, is life in today's society. It can be fun, but be prepared to beat a hasty retreat and find other interests.



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