Sunday, January 30, 2005

Broken Hearts, Shattered Dreams

A lot of people in life complain that they try their best but their life is always awful, God musn't exist (or, in the case of Friedrich Nietzsche, God has died) because of all the evil in the world in general and their lives in particular. And yet they aren't doing anything to help. If you don't try to help yourself, how can you expect things to get better?
It's like the story of the man who would pray every day that he would win the lottery. Finally, frustrated at never winning, he shakes his fist at heaven shouting, "God! I used to believe in you, but I've been praying and praying and you haven't answered any of my prayers! I don't believe in you anymore, God!" And a voice from heaven called back, "Buy a ticket!"
Sometimes, in order to heal, you have to learn to let go of the things that are holding you back. Live, let go, and learn to move on. Give God the pieces of your heart, your hope, and your future to worry about. Just live life one step at a time. Let go of all the baggage you've been carrying around, and let someone better qualified take care of it.
I am guilty of this too. I am guilty of making problems for myself and then complaining and blaming them on someone else. I am guilty of holding on to past grudges that should really have no relevance to life today. I am guilty of many many things in fact, but I am trying to improve.
Try to let go. It's easier to live life if you're not carrying tons of past wrongs on your back. Live, learn, love, smile. What more can I say?



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