Thursday, January 27, 2005

"Catlike Grace"

I've always admired my cat. Cats are impressive creatures, if you think about it. They only follow orders if they feel like it, they never tell secrets, if they consider you a friend and you need comforted they're there. When I had my wisdom teeth pulled, my cat spent the entire day sitting on my windowsill, meowing at me when I would wake up and purring me back to sleep. Whenever I needed someone to talk to at home he was always there to sit in my lap. Once I got so annoyed at everyone I went out to draw the house to calm myself down. Pumpkin jumped up into my lap and sat on my paper, refusing to move so I could get back to my drawing. He meowed and purred and rubbed his cheek against mine until I couldn't help but smile. When I am in a bad mood he sits and guards me from monsters like birds and grasshoppers until I feel better and stop pushing him away.
Cats are very friendly creatures, and very smart. They do not kill for the joy of killing, like some people seem to. They kill to eat, they play for fun, they purr for comfort. They do not insist on their superiority over anyone else, they merely know they are better and leave everyone else to continue their business, unless of course it's mealtime.
I think cats are smarter than people. They do not work themselves to the bone in order to gain happiness; they already know that true happiness is a comfortable spot to lay down and a warm sunbeam through a window. They work as little as possible, and milk the marrow out of life. They live to live, they do their thing, they do not fight to destroy the world and attack innocent people. They attack only when they feel threatened, when another cat tries to encroach on their territory. Beyond that, they are peaceful, lazy, happy cat.
I think cats are smarter than the majority of the human race.



Blogger Sharon said...

I have often thought, if my cat were a psychologist, I couldn't afford her.

Cats are wise and their instincts uncanny. My cat always knows when I'm sick or upset and keeps me company.
Cats are cool.

6:10 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth Raventail said...

I completely agree. Cats can be your best friend when you're down, and all you have to do is pet them and feed them and change their litterbox. They prefer to do the rest on their own.
My cat is one of my best friends at home, and I'm so glad he wandered into our yard so many years ago. (He was a stray).

10:15 AM  

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