Sunday, September 11, 2005

Heart and Soul

I have to say something here, but I'm not sure exactly how much to say, this being the internet and all. =)
Suffice to say I'm having the time of my life, and I don't really remember ever being this happy. Never mind the fact that I'm working part time during the semester, and I'm taking ME7000 Analytical Engineering Analysis which is rumored to be the hardest class I'll ever have to take, and I'm agreeing with it right now...
I should be really stressed out right now, and extremely antisocial, and many other things that deal with being an Engineer with insanely difficult math problems that take at least two hours each, and two grad courses that both assume I've been taught more than I have. But... somehow, for some unknown reason, I'm not.
Well, not an unknown reason for me. Nope, I know the answer to this mystery! I have found a solution, and an answer, and a purpose.
And because I'm such an evil, selfish person... Well, I'm not sharing. =)



Blogger Rory Kearn said...

Oh, Elizabeth. You sound really happy. I'm glad. I know why I'm happy and not blogging as much and tired and smiley. Even though my life is terribly busy....I couldn't be happier. So I've got a guess why you're happy, and I'm really happy you're happy. LOL


10:45 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth Raventail said...

I've got a guess about your guess about why I'm happy. And I'd say you're right!
I'm glad you're doing well, too. You deserve it!
And life is beautiful. =)

1:16 PM  

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