Sunday, November 14, 2004

And the Old Becomes New

There's nothing quite like looking at something you see every day and seeing it in a new light, seeing it as if it's something completely new and different and exciting.
Too often in this world we take things for granted because we see them day in and day out. While we may survive our day to day lives this way, it's not healthy. Relationships drift apart without appreciation, emotions fade and stress rises. Sometimes I think we just need to stop and look around and actually notice things. The morning dew on a spiderweb. The shadows in the clouds. The ripples in the grass as each blade bends and rises in rhythm with the wind. The warm, happy whistling of the birds in the trees.
The little things of life that are all too often overlooked or ignored. Those things viewed as less important than the daily grind of life, the deadlines and chores and the daily to do lists. In a society where everything is about speed and convenience it has become inconvenient to actually stop and live.
Slow down. Breathe. Feel the cold morning air filling your lungs, filling your soul with life. Watch your breath hang in the air, feel the chill bite your cheek, close your eyes and inhale the sweet taste of life.
Slow down. Breathe. Live.



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